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Childcare Course

Being on this course has helped me understand a lot more about what is needed in a child care setting (Feb 10)

The course is very informative and will help me in my work (Feb 10)

I feel I have learnt a lot from this course and it has made me feel more confident in my job (Feb 10)

It  helps when you have a tutor who is really enthusiastic about the subject (Feb 10)

Many thanks, I have learnt loads (Feb 10)

Tutor was nice and friendly (Feb 10)

This course made me feel good, nice and friendly (Feb 10)

Paediatric First Aid

G is a good tutor. All the sessions were fun to come to (Feb 10)

The course was just right (Feb 10)

G got the information across without making it boring (Feb10)

Food Safety

What a way to spend a Saturday – time just flew by (Jan 10)

You could hardly call this course boring (Jan 10)

D is sooo funny, I didn’t notice the time at all  (Jan 10)

Time just flew by (Jan 10)